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Deep Roots

Denve's Favorite Urban Winery & Bistro

The Deep Roots Story

Deep Roots Winery was founded on the values of family. As the saying goes “Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions but our roots remain the same”.

The love of wine was instilled in the Edenburn children at a young age. What began as a family tradition long before their time, finally involved them starting in the early 90’s. When they were finally old enough (really, weighed enough) to help, the three amigos (Rudy, Carol and Teara) were stomping grapes in a barrel for their grandfather. It was a family tradition that always left their little feet purple for weeks to come.

As time went on, all three siblings grew up and set out on their own paths but continued to come back and participate in the family tradition with happiness and love. For years, every Labor Day weekend, the 3 would make the trip back home from wherever they were in the United States. They would then spend 3 days picking and fermenting whichever berries made the list that year (generally blackberries).

"Life's short, so we figured why wait. We always loved the process of making wine - why couldn't it be what we did for work?" - Teara Walters, Owner/Vintner
Just like life, time went on and each sibling moved into the "real world", but always stayed close to their roots. They often joked around about opening up a place together.

Rudy would make the beer because he had attended an engineering school and could ferment anything. Teara would make the wine, as she was already an assistant vintner and tasting bar manager when she wasn't working her corporate job. Lastly, Carol Ann would make the food. She went off to culinary school so that she could refine her craft and impress anyone who ate her food! They would spend their time doing what they truly loved, but most of all they would be together.

Then Teara met Steve. Steve was smart (PhD in Nuclear Science, so really smart) and charming with a palette for Italian Reds. His love of wine came later in life during his extensive travel to Asia and Europe. Raised in Chicago, IL. Steve always dreamed of pursuing a life of Science which took him to Los Alamos National Laboratory. From there he would move on to GE and then a Healthcare Start-up. His life choices allowed him to travel the world and finally to meet the woman of his dreams. Steve & Teara married in Colorado in 2012. It was at this time that Rudy and Carol hatched a plan to move out to Colorado sometime in the next 5 years. Rudy was 1st up, getting married in May 2014 and planning his move to Colorado that summer.

"I've gravitated towards the kitchen since I was a little girl. When my sister called to see if I wanted to start and run the bistro that would ultimately pair with their new winery - I nearly collapsed."- Carol Ann Johnson, General Manager/Chef

Then tragedy struck hard. In July 2014, Rudy passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack triggered by an unknown heart defect at the age of 29.

What was once the three musketeers was now only the two sisters.

Two years later, Steve, Teara and Carol decided that it was time for life to change. All three were traveling for work and on the road more than at home. After the death of their brother and the birth of Steve & Teara's last child, they wanted to spend more time with family. Carol happily agreed and packed up her life in Michigan to join her sister and brother in-law in Colorado, bringing to life the dream that the three amigos had started.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

"The science of wine-making is what drives a lot of the decisions I make as Deep Root's vintner. There's more pa0rallels to nuclear engineering - my former profession - than one might think!"- Steve Walters, Owner/Vintner

About Our Team

Deep Roots Winery & Bistro harbors something exceptionally different than your average winery. Amidst their clean decor, hospitable staff, and fragrant scents wafting from the kitchen window - superheroes walk among them. Only rarely are they called out by name, but more often than not, they walk among staff unbeknownst to their customers, possessing superhuman strength.

In reality, there are no people with the ability to fly, shoot lasers from their eyes, or summon a storm of ice. In fact, they are just regular people, born of regular human origins, but don't let that fool you. The people behind Deep Roots Winery are tough. They believe that a little elbow grease will get you farther in life than anything else. Which is why they work hard every day, lugging cases of grapes, carrying shipments of food from trucks themselves, and putting their own sweat and tears into every ounce of wine produced on the property. The sense of humor they bring to their craft is unmatched, each member of the team wielding a superhero name that can stand the test of hours pressing fruit, perfecting recipes, and running a full restaurant and bar.

At the end of a long day, the smell of wine fermenting overwhelms their noses, and yet they persist. "Cutting corners" isn't in their vocabulary, and the labor of love is apparent in every detail of the guest experience.

Meet The Winemakers
Teara Walters
Teara's first true love was wine. It was complex, elegant, rich and disarming. But most of all it was honest. She has spent the majority of her life learning and crafting beautiful wine for her friends and family to enjoy. Seeing others' enjoyment coming from something that she had put so much time and passion into made her want to spread the love even more. When she met Sensei Steve, she knew she had finally met someone who could help her achieve her dream... and so Deep Roots was born.

Steve Walters
Steve spent his early career taming nuclear particles while at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Some say the nuclear exposure has given him a very special ability. But unlike Godzilla, Sensei Steve uses his ability to make yummy wines as opposed to attacking Tokyo! When Sensei Steve met Mistress Zin, his desire to climb the Empire State building while swatting at bi-planes... oh wait, wrong monster! Come in and you may just see the Sensei working his mad science skills on his latest wine.

Camron Eidsness
When he is not listening to madrigals or sulking in his claw foot tub, Camron emerges from the cellar to spend the majority of his evenings brushing wine and chocolate stains from his teeth. The rest of his night is spent brooding over poems by Tennyson and scoffing at the latest wine trends.

Our Process

Art Backed By Science.
With a deep understanding of their craft, the Deep Roots family has curated an array of exquisite wines. Knowledge of varietals, blending techniques, and soil composition allows them to develop a balanced flavor using both Colorado and California-grown grapes with low-sulfite levels. In the kitchen, recipes are strategically designed to align with the wine menu, each created with selections from local producers and farmers. At Deep Roots, guests can be assured that there are experts behind the scenes, but they’re wearing aprons instead of lab coats. Our Philosophy

To be a family -owned winery that is known for our diverse selection of fine wines and unique pairings.

At Deep Roots cellar, we aim to create quality wines and small plates that are distinctive to our unique style well appealing to our customers needs. We will foster the appreciation and love for wine through education and experience while maintaining family ownership, customer relationships, and pride in our product.

Deep Roots is founded in the roots of family. We believe that family is the backbone of society. It is the building block that drives our passion, integrity, and who we are.

We have a deep passion for what we do. From every bottle of wine to each dish of Crème brûlée, love and passion for our craft is poured Into everything that we do and strive to be. Relationships We treat customers as we would good friends. We take the time to know and understand their likes and dislikes. Combing a personal customer service experience with a friendly rapport and welcoming experience.

We invite our customers to join us in our journey by providing a wine tasting experience that is intimate, fun, and educational. We are proud to offer a wide range of delicious and authentic plates that pair perfectly with our wines.

Roots that run deep.
Our wines are crafted in the roots of family. We believe it is the building blocks of our passion, integrity, and who we are. We invite you to experience our hand crafted wines, alluring surroundings, and food that is familiar, but unique as every one of us.

A family affair.
The Deep Roots team is comprised of a core family unit that has slowly grown over the years to include a diverse crew of wine lovers. Learn more about our story and meet our team of superheroes. Then come in and meet us in person over a glass.

Our process.
Learn more about how we make our wines from our master vintner and team. See how we take grapes from our vineyard partners in Colorado and beyond, and get them all the way to your glass for the perfect sip of red, white, or something more unique too.

Good food.
We knew that we needed amazing food to pair with our wines to create a full experience. Lucky for you, we’ve got years and years of taste testing under our belts, and offer a delectable mix of charcuterie, salads, pizza, pastas, and even dessert. Follow our journey on Instagram